Author Visit for Public Schools
The Giants and the Smalls

Author Visit for Public Schools

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When it comes to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), nothing teaches it better than the Twelve Giant Journeys.


The Twelve Journeys help with the SEL in the following ways:

  • They teach Kiddos how to create Self-Awareness.
  • Kiddos learn to take ownership of their lives through Self-Management.
  • Not only do we want the kiddos to love themselves, but we want to teach them to love others through Social Awareness.
  • We teach kiddos how to build Relationship Skills.
  • Finally, we help kids to make appropriate choices through Responsible Decision-Making.

What are the Twelve Journeys?

The Twelve Journeys (TM)


Automating positive behaviors is one of the highest pursuits that humans face. Many in the world have unconscious/automatic behaviors that aren't serving them, and this journey teaches Giants how to recognize their automatic behavior so it can be shifted for a better life--a more conscious living experience devoid of habits that are holding you back from your full potential.

2. The Journey of AWARENESS: The Awakening 

The journey to self-awareness is necessary for change. If you don't know what you're doing wrong, how can it be corrected? The goal of this journey is to help people become conscious creators in their worlds by realizing the behaviors that are holding them back from success!

3. The Journey of ACCEPTANCE


To avoid the shame and guilt that come with our behaviors, we need to accept them. But acceptance does not mean agreement. It simply means waking up from a deep slumber of denial about what is happening in reality as well as making peace with it for now so you can move on more easily later.

4. The Journey of GRIEF 

The journey of growth is not only about overcoming what we were taught or owning the reality that we’ve created. It also means letting go, and in many cases, it is through loss where our Giants are able to navigate their challenges.

5. The Journey of GRATITUDE 

Gratitude is an indispensable part of any journey, but it will be especially vital for the Giant's journey. Gratitude can help anyone grow strong and powerful like a giant!

6. The Journey of UNCERTAINTY

Life is not just about what we can count on. It's also embracing the unknown! We grow most in areas where we feel the smallest, and this journey teaches giants how to navigate uncertainty in their lives. When nothing is certain, anything becomes possible.

7. The Journey of VISION 

Visions allow us to dream without limitation and they pull us back into the wonder of childhood. This journey teaches Giants how to create their vision from a pure feeling called possibility.

8. The Journey of SURRENDER 

When you let go of how a vision comes about, it will be one of the toughest challenges that Giants face. The journey towards Surrender is vital for creating Giant changes in your world and learning to surrender is necessary if people want to grow as individuals.

9. The Journey of ABUNDANCE 

The world and universe are designed for abundance. When we realize that our power is limitless, resources can be ours at a whim, greed becomes obsolete as the realization of what you're capable of sets in. A Giants vision expands to trust the process of creation because they now see how much good their actions will do.

10. The Journey of NURTURING


No Giant journey is complete without effort. Having a vision and speaking it to the world does nothing if we are not willing to do the work to earn it. The journeys of Nurturing allows us as Giants, who have done all that was required so far in this life - including our own personal growth-to let go of how we envisioned things coming about but instead be open for what else might come from having put forth some good old fashioned hard work with perseverance along with an intense desire! There are myriad paths leading up towards your dreams out there waiting for you: follow them wherever they may lead you!

11. The Journey of FEELING GOOD 

Giant's are on a long journey to feel mentally well, and there is no greater tool than learning how to navigate life. When Giant's don't have the tools they need for what can sometimes be an emotional storm, it feels like their world has been turned upside-down and that nothing will ever be right again. But if you know some key skills or techniques for taking care of yourself - especially when times get tough - then those storms won’t seem so difficult anymore!

12. The Journey of GIVING BACK


It is natural for a Giant to want to give back as they grow. The most important part of any adventure, be it life or giant-sized, are the moments we share with others and how much everyone can learn from one another in those short but special patches of time shared together.

Nick shares with students the adventures of the book, The Giants and the Smalls. He will also lay out the twelve journeys every giant must navigate to reach their potential.