SG Groups
The Giants and the Smalls

SG Groups

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The SG Groups are four-week groups that take participants through the Giant journeys more intimately. This blend of coaching and training is having a lasting impact on those who have successfully graduated from the program.


Daniel Olexa

The Sum Gigante group experience is a fantastic way to not only discover the seed of your being, but also plant and nurture it so it may grow into a fruitful, abundant, lively giant tree.

Jenn Walter

Giants are everywhere. Some are hidden and some are quite obvious. I live in the land of two well-known giants; Paul Bunyan and the Green Giant (ho ho ho man).  What Nick has created with SG is a way for us all to see our own giantess. To become our own giant not a copy of someone else. I was reminded that the journey is almost like a skipping stone. They're ups and downs, yet we are constantly moving forward. There are moments when we don't feel we are as a giant. That's ok. Yet we need to remember to look around.  There are some smalls that have yet to have an awareness they could be a giant. You being you might be that awareness... Even when you don't feel like a giant. SG stitches together so many things you thought you knew and didn't. It provides a way to put different tools in your tool kit as you go forward... As you skip ahead in life. 

Shawnalee McDonough

A Giants Journey on aligning his/her ownself to their highest self and highest potential in life. All work is done within ourselves and this gives you a clear path to make quantum leaps within. 

Paula Hofer

I would encourage anyone and everyone to take the SG course that Nick Smith offers! Nick is called the Gentle Giant for a reason.

The way he teaches his SG course and the impact he leaves on a person after it’s finished, is worth every penny spent. He has a way in helping a person realize their own Giant potentials.

From Nicks gentle coaching style, to his vast amounts of knowledge ,to the beliefs he holds in each one of us, makes taking this course a life altering decision.
I cannot thank him enough.

I am forever grateful to be part of this Giant Tribe.
“Be the Giant that’s already within you”
Nicholas Townsend Smith

Carey Tomich

I am so grateful for the information given in this class and all the research Nick did in putting together the class.