The Twelve Journeys of Developing Your Inner Giant, The Travel Guide for Your Giant Life
The Giants and the Smalls

The Twelve Journeys of Developing Your Inner Giant, The Travel Guide for Your Giant Life

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Are YOU Ready To Have A Giant Mindset?


We have one goal with this live webinar: We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential and live up to their fullest potential and we are going to show you, ste by step, how to do that.

Mindset is foundational to any skillset. Without it, skillsets crumble. Nothing kills a great idea faster than a faulty mindset. Not building this foundation is like frosting dog poop because who you are Being, your mindset, will impact everything you do. 


What does having a Giant Mindset mean for you?

  • It means that no matter your origin, gender, culture, race, political, or religious views, you matter, and your contribution, no matter how seemingly small or large, can have a positive impact on this world.
  • You become the observer and narrator of your life. You take back your power.
  • You own your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and the impact they have on yourself and others.
  • You are equipped with tools to hold space for, handle, and recover from difficult emotions and events.
  • You know how to navigate uncertainty.
  • You have an abundant mindset.
  • You have grit.
  • You have respect for others and differing points of view without relenting your own value system.
  • You have a vision for your life and are able to nurture your vision's creation while letting go of how it comes about. You are able to surrender the path while holding the vision.
  • You leave a legacy for you, your loved ones, and humanity. 



Our individual and group coaching programs take YOU through Twelve Journeys to master your mindset and your highest way of being in simple and repeatable steps. You will have the mindset of a Giant and this will move you away from playing Small.

In this webinar, we help YOU recognize YOUR giant potential and actualize it by taking you through six root journeys that break through any unuseful developmental and cultural value systems that keep you from living a giant life. We open up space for life, not only to be what it is but to transform in ways you never imagined.


We follow this healing and release by taking you through five growth journeys where you will learn to love uncertainty and know exactly what it takes to uncover your life's purposes, and surrender to the pathways that will take you to your grandest visions.


Finally, we help you discover and lean into your Giant legacy, and this will give you the "why" you will need to activate your new Giant life.


To date, we have taught these principles to thousands of individuals from around the world. The Twelve Journeys have been received regardless of one's age, gender, culture, beliefs, values, ethics, and morals.


One participant said about this program, "... it saved my life. Every quote, meditation, live session, and recording has helped me to grow, heal, and BEcome who I AM!" Another stated, "It helped me take a deep dive into myself so I could "fully" step into what's possible for my life," and another said that for him it was "life confirming.  It has been a program I used to Become More mindful of what I want to create and of whom I want to BE."


The Twelve Journey Programs are outlined below.


Not only will you learn the Journeys in an experiential learning environment, but they will mold your way of BEing. The live individual and group coaching will ensure that you understand and retain the Giant concepts for years to come and perhaps for a lifetime.


Nicholas Townsend Smith is your facilitator and is the author of The Giants and the Smalls, The Art of Accomplishment, and he holds a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology.

Nick takes people through "The Twelve Journeys"--the twelve steps every Giant needs to know in order to reach their full potential. He does this by tailoring his training for the highest possible impact, which is based on his book, The Giants and Smalls. For kiddos, when it comes to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), nothing teaches it better than the Twelve Giant Journeys.