The Giants and the Smalls Special Print Edition Hardcover Book
The Giants and the Smalls

The Giants and the Smalls Special Print Edition Hardcover Book

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The book we have all been waiting patiently for is finally here and available for sale.

This book is an eleven-year project that started with a desire to learn the difference between those who live Giant lives and those who continue to play Small in their lives.

For many years I wrestled over how I would teach my kids. My hope is that they would grow up to live lives of fullness and abundance. To reach for the highest heights and breakthrough any cultural shackles that may hold them back. 

I hope that they will know everything is at the tip of their fingers... If only they would see the world through a different lens.  

This book is the final amalgamation of a Giant story I developed to teach my kids that they are capable of great things if they will think differently. 

It was birthed from the lack of suitable material to teach my children the values they will need to face the world.  

Rimi The Giant is the embodiment of the ideals, values, and behaviors that are inherent for an abundant life.  

What’s more... 

I’ve seen the changes in my children as they absorbed the story…

I’ve seen the way they adapted their behavior…  

I am astonished at their ability to absorb such deep themes and apply them at their tender age.  

The older they get, the more they will begin to unravel. Limited beliefs, disabilities, setbacks, cultural “shackles”...  

This book attempts to silence and reframe these negative beliefs to open up a whole new level of opportunity.  

I have no doubt that this will do the same for your children. If you are also looking for a captivating story, beautiful illustrations and a message capable of teaching your kids how to face this world, and thrive doing so, I believe this book will be a catalyst to their growth in years to come.