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The Giants and the Smalls Special Print Edition Hardcover Book

The Giants and the Smalls Special Print Edition Hardcover Book

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Have you ever felt small? The journey from feeling small to living the life of our dreams is full of ups and downs, twists and turns.

Come along as Ritt discovers the secrets of becoming a Giant in a world full of Smalls.

This Small had come all this way and risked his life to learn something
new. The Giant’s eyes watered. He closed his eyes for a moment, brought
his hand close to his face, looked intently into Ritt’s eyes, and said, “Okay!
I’ll teach you what I do, but becoming a Giant is up to you.”
Ritt jumped up and down on the Giant’s hand, nearly falling off in his
excitement. Here he was, a Small, being taught by a Giant. He would be able
to prove that he was capable of more. His exuberance caused the Giant to
He looked the Giant right in his enormous eyes and said, “My name is
McBronze Rittinshanks, but you can call me Ritt!”
The Giant said, “I, my new friend, am Rimiris Ekoritz, and you can call
me Rimi.”

Filled with stunning imagery and a magnificent storyline, this book will help motivate even the smallest of us who want to grow to be more. This book will and its deep message will grow with you. You and your kids will spend hours discussing the Giant in you.

Are you ready to be a Giant?

The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt – A Personal Journey To Reaching Our Highest Potential

This lovely kids book introduces us to the world of Rimi and Ritt, two whimsical characters that represent the Giants and the Smalls, with Ritt the Small trying to belong to a different world despite everyone else telling him it’s impossible.
With the guidance and support of his good friend Rimi the Giant, Ritt embarks on a personal internal journey that will cultivate and reveal his inner strength, showing everyone that if you work, think and act differently you are capable of great things.

Why Is This Inspirational Book A Must In Your Collection?

  • Beautifully illustrated artwork will reach kids of all ages and grown-ups;
  • Whimsical and interesting characters that develop throughout the book will keep everyone engaged;
  • Wonderful way of bonding with your child and cultivating his love of lecture;
  • Lovely gift idea for boys and girls, Christmas, birthdays, special occasions;
  • Valuable lessons kids can apply to their everyday lives;
  • Teaches kids to believe in themselves and work towards their goals relentlessly.

The Giants and The Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt is a beautifully written toddler book that sends a timeless inspirational message to our future generations!

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